EventOn Action User Addon 2.1.17 free download


The Powerful ActionUser

ActionUser addon is a whole 9 yards of an addon for eventON. It allows front-end event submissions with huge array of variations and customization, front-end event manager, user permissions control and user assignments for events

Other Exciting Features

AJAX based event manager and event submission form

Setup Event Manager and submission form that load events via AJAX.

Submit another event after successful submission

You can allow the submission form to submit another event after submitting one event.

Redirect user to a custom link upon successful event submission

You can also set up for the page to be redirected to a custom link after an event is submitted.

Send out notification emails upon new event submissions

Setup new event submission notification emails, to inform you of new event submissions.

Control event submission form fields

Easily control which event submission form fields are visible on frontend.

Assign all users to an event

From edit event you can assign all the users to an event, so you can create calendars that allow all the users to see this event.

Custom HTML field for event submission form

Go beyond what is supported and add custom HTML as field to show your own custom HTML content in the submission form.

Captcha validation for event submissions

Enable captcha based validation for the event submission form, to filter out the spam submissions.


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