Give Aweber v1.0.4 free download


Allow your donors to easily opt-in to your cause’s AWeber powered mailing lists when they donate. Donors can be added to a specific list that you can set for all forms or on a per form basis.

About AWeber for GiveWP

The GiveWP AWeber add-on provides flexible functionality that allows you to set global and per-form settings for various subscription options. The plugin allows you to select one or more lists that donors will be automatically subscribed to when donating to specific causes if they opt-in.

For instance, if you want only donors who give using your “Thanksgiving Food Drive” donation form added to the “Food Drive” mailing list this plugin allows for that granular control. You also have the ability to enable a “global” newsletter list, which all donors can have the option of opting into on all donation forms.

Setting up the plugin is a breeze. All you need is to enter your API key, select your options, and you’re set.

Why AWeber

Email marketing can directly contribute to the fundraising abilities of nonprofits. To help offset the costs of getting started, AWeber offers 3 months of service free to nonprofits opening new accounts, followed by a 25% discount on invoices from there forward.

AWeber is a well-respected email marketing platform. It provides an all-in-one online solution to manage subscribers, send emails, and track results. With Give and AWeber, you’ll be furthering your reach and maximizing your donor potential.

GiveWP AWeber Add-on Features

The GiveWP Add-on makes integrating your GiveWP Donation Forms with your AWeber email lists painless with these great features:

  • Easy authentication with the AWeber Authentication App
  • All your AWeber lists are populated dynamically in your GiveWP Settings
  • Powerful global default settings allow for granular control
  • Per Form override settings for more finite control
  • Donors can opt-in to your newsletter by just checking a box. Simple!

If you find yourself stuck setting up this add-on, check out our documentation. If you still need help, please don’t hesitate to submit a priority support ticket. We’re here to help.