GIVE PAYPAL PRO GATEWAY 1.2.2 plugin free download


Enjoy the power of PayPal while keeping donors on your website.

Don’t settle for simple PayPal buttons and annoying redirects that don’t convert. Start creating powerful PayPal donation forms and accept credit cards on your site with the GiveWP PayPal Pro add-on.

Keep Donors On Your Site with PayPal Pro

PayPal Standard is included in the free GiveWP plugin and is great when your organization is just getting off the ground. The downside is that it redirects donors off your website, leading to lower conversions. With PayPal Pro, your donors can give using a credit card directly on your website. This creates a better user experience and leads to higher conversion rates.

If you’re already using PayPal Standard for your donations and you want to keep all your payments in one location, look into upgrading to PayPal Pro. Nonprofits usually get discounted credit card fee rates from PayPal, and your donors don’t need a PayPal account to donate to your cause.

Donors enter their information directly into a Payflow, or PayPal Pro, donation form with credit card fields inline.

Encourage Regular Giving by using Recurring Donations with PayPal Pro

Use PayPal Pro with the Recurring Donations add-on for even more powerful fundraising campaigns. Nonprofits that ask their donors to give regularly usually gain more annual income and have more predictable revenue steams.

A donation form with recurring donation amounts powered by PayPal Pro and Recurring Donations by GiveWP

Accept PayPal Donations in Multiple Currencies and Countries

PayPal Pro supports 6 currencies to enable you to accept international donations in the currency of your donors choice.

Get More Income with Other GiveWP Add-ons

PayPal Pro works great with our other add-ons, like Fee Recovery. So, you can ask donors to cover your PayPal fees when they give. When you purchase a Plus Pricing Plan, you’ll get all GiveWP add-ons, including:

  • Recurring Donations: Ask your donors to give regularly instead of just once.
  • Fee Recovery: Ask your donors to cover the PayPal fees for their donations.
  • Currency Switcher: Accept donations in the currencies supported by PayPal.
  • Tributes: Allow your donors to dedicate their donations to a loved one.
  • Form Field Manager: Customize the information you collect with each PayPal donation.

Empower your donors to give with a payment option they know and trust: PayPal.


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