Gravity Forms Better User Activation

Take complete control of your Gravity Forms User Registration activation page.

This plugin is part of Gravity Perks, a suite of 31+ essential Gravity Forms addons with support you can count on.

What does it do?

GP Better User Activation allows you to take complete control of your User Registration Activation page. Choose any page on your site, modify it as desired, and users will be automatically directed to this page when activating their accounts.


  • Redirect on Activation
    Choose a custom page to redirect users after successful activation.
  • Customize via Post Editor
    All activation content (including error messages) can be edited directly from the WordPress post editor.
  • User Friendly Default Content
    Improves the user activation experience out-of-the-box with default content that suits most sites.
  • Supports Custom Page Templates
    Developers who want to further customize the Activation Page can make a custom template. Users can also choose different layouts provided by their themes.
  • Merge Tags Make it Easy
    GP Better User Activation provides over a dozen merge tags that present helpful content to the user and let you customize your presentation without creating links or writing code.
  • Integrates with Gravity Forms Auto Login
    Automatically log users in after they activate with Gravity Forms Auto Login, also part of the Gravity Perks plugin suite.
  • Automatic Updates
    Get updates and latest features right in your dashboard.
  • Awesome Support
    We’re here to help! And we mean it.


  1. How do I enable this functionality?
  2. Feature Details
    1. Customize Activation Views
      1. Activation Success
      2. User Already Active
      3. No Key
      4. Other Error
    2. Merge Tags
    3. Redirect on Successful Activation
  3. FAQs
    1. How do I enable the post content editor when editing the activation page?

How do I enable this functionality?

After the GP Better User Activation perk is installed, you’ll want to start by selecting a Custom Activation page. This is as simple as visiting the Perk Settings Page under Forms > Perks. Choose any existing page from the drop-down titled “Custom user activation page” to serve as the new Custom Activation page.

GP Better User Activation Settings

Prefer to make a new page? Simply Add New Page from the WP admin and leave the content area blank. Choose the slug that you want visitors to land on during activation, such as “/activate”. Then return to the Perk Settings and select the new page from the drop-down menu “Custom user activation page”.

After you select a Custom Activation Page, the plugin will already begin to work, sending any new user activations to the selected page. To edit the content of the page, simply visit the page in edit mode. You’ll notice the normal content editor has been replaced by a set of tabs with four different views. Edit the default content as desired. If your site uses a visual page builder plugin, use the [gpbua] merge tag to insert the user activation content anywhere in your page layout.

Feature Details

Customize Activation Views

There are four different “Activation Views” that are used to display content depending on the result of the attempted user activation. With GP Better User Activation, you’re able to customize each of these views to cover all the different screens the user may see when activating.

This content is edited on the Custom Activation Page, which provides the tabs in the screenshot below. If you don’t see these tabs, check that you’ve set the page properly under the Perk Settings option “Custom user activation page” detailed under the documentation section How do I enable this functionality?

GP Better User Activation — Activation Views

Activation Success

Content shown to the user when they successfully activate. The default content includes the users login information and link to the login page. Not shown if you redirect the user to a Custom Success Redirection page.

User Already Active

Sometimes users are so eager to activate, they press the activate link over and over again like chimpanzees demanding grapes from their handlers. When this happens, the User Already Active content will be displayed.

No Key

Key is missing entirely from the activation link. This typically occurs when the user copies and pastes the link or if the link is broken in the email layout. GP Better User Activation displays the Activation Key Form so users can enter their key manually in this situation.

Other Error

Presented when invalid keys or any other errors that might occur block the user activation. GP Better User Activation provides a merge tag {gpbua:error_message} to display the error message to the user.


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