GRAVITY PERKS COMMENT BLACKLIST 1.2.6 plugin free download


What does it do?

The GF Blacklist perk allows you to validate a field’s value against the WordPress Comment Blacklist validation. This option can be set for a single field, multiple fields OR all fields within a form. If the field fails validation it will display an error to the end user stating that their field contains blacklisted words.

How does it work?

The perks checks to see if any fields OR the form, as a whole, has the Blacklist setting enabled.

Single Field

If a single field has the Blacklist setting enabled then that field will take the end-users submitted value and check it against that of the WordPress Comment Blacklist words See below to set these words.

Whole Form

If the form wide Blacklist setting is enabled then it loops through all fields within the form when an end-user submits the form. It then checks the fields to see if they are supported by this perk. After grabbing a list of all supported fields it then validates the fields against the WordPress Comment Blacklist words.

How do I enable this functionality?

Since there are two options for this perk, field and form, we will do them in separate categories.

Single Field

Navigate to “Perks” field settings by clicking the “Perks” tab within a field. Check the checkbox labeled “Validate Against WordPress Comment Blacklist”.


Whole Form

Navigate to the “Restrictions” section within the form settings area. Check the checkbox labeled “Validate Against WordPress Comment Blacklist”.


Setting WP Comment Blacklist Words

To specify blacklisted words, navigate to your Discussion Settings page. Scroll down to the “Comment Blacklist” setting and enter any words you wish to prevent from being submitted on this form.You can specify IP address in the Comment Blacklist setting and the GP Comment Blacklist perk will prevent submissions from that IP.


Anything else I need to know?

You can change the text of the validation error by using the gpb_validation_message hook.

Due to the nature of WordPress’ Comment Blacklist feature, it will match words inside of other words. So let’s say you wanted to ban the word Race it would also ban any words with race in it, like Racer.

That’s pretty much it. If you have any questions on this functionality or just want to say how much you love it, make sure you come back to and leave us a comment.



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