GRAVITY PERKS EMAIL USERS 1.3.9 plugin free download


What does it do?

The Email Users perk allows you to send an email to users that have filled out a form that contains an email field.

How does it work?

It pulls all email addresses from a form’s lead data then displays default email fields for you to fill out. It makes use of the native WordPress function wp_mail() so you’ll need to make sure your server has a mailing system setup (this is typically handled by default by your host).

If GP Email Users is reporting that everything is ok but your emails are not being sent successfully, the first step contact your hosting provider and confirm that there are no issues with your server’s mail configuration.

How do I enable this functionality?

Create a form and add at least one email field within the form. After you have at least one submission on this form, you can navigate to the GP Email Users admin page: Forms > Email Users. On this page, select the form that you wish to retrieve the emails from. Additional options will be loaded dynamically.


After you have configured the email you would like to send, press “Send Email”. You will be able to watch the progress as each email is sent.


Working with Role Management Plugins

By default, the admin user role will automatically be assigned the gravityperks_gwemailusers capability, however, if you have a role management plugin activated, this will not happen automatically.

Instead, You will need to manually assign the capability to your user role.

To do this:

  1. Visit the user role editor page (usually found in the Users admin menu)
  2. Find and add the gravityperks_gwemailusers capability to the appropriate user role


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