Gravity Perks PayPal One time Fee 2.0.beta1.1 free download


What does it do?

The One-time Fee perk allows you to add a one-time fee to the first payment of a PayPal Standard subscription. For example, let’s say you’re signing users up for a web hosting package but need to charge them a setup fee on the initial payment. That is now possible with the One-time Fee perk!

How does it work?

PayPal Standard does not support a one-time fee on subscriptions natively; however, it does support a trial period. This perk uses the trial period functionality to simulate a one-time fee concept for PayPal Standard subscriptions.

Unfortunately, this means if you need a trial period and a one-time fee, this perk will not provide that functionality for you. Once you’ve activated the one-time fee, the trial period options will be disabled on the PayPal feed.

There are some interesting combinations that can happen with the One-time Fee and Recurring Amount options. Here is a list of these combinations and how they are processed.


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