What does it do?

The Preview Submission perk allows you add a simple submission preview to your forms. The submission preview provides users an opportunity to confirm the information they’ve entered is correct and confirming their submission.

How does it work?

The Simple Version

This perk adds support for all entry-based merge tags for in the “Content” setting of HTML fields. This allows you to create a summary of all the data that has been entered and serves as a preview of the user’s submission. If you want to show all form data, use the {all_fields}. By default, {all_fields} shows all form data, including Hidden fields. You can omit Hidden fields with the :nohidden modifier (e.g. {all_fields:nohidden}). More details in Gravity Forms documentation.

The Advanced Version

This perk actually adds support for all field-based merge tags to the “Default Value” field setting (and “Content” setting for HTML fields). In addition to providing the ability to preview the entire submission, this perk can also be used to populate data entered on previous pages of the form to latter pages of the form.

How do I enable this functionality?

Creating a Submission Preview

  1. Add an HTML field (under the “Standard Fields” field group on the right) to the last page of your form. If you do not have any pages on your form, you will need to add a “Page Break” field and move the HTML field to the last page.
  2. Select this HTML field to open the field settings for editing.
  3. Find the “Content” setting. Next to the “Content” textarea you will find a small icon. Click this icon to reveal a list of merge tags that can be inserted into this field.
  4. Select the “All Submitted Fields” option.
  5. Save your form.

For more information on merge tags and how they can be used, view Gravity Forms’ complete merge tag documentation.GP Preview Submission HTML Field Placement

Other Uses

This perk provides the ability to do so much more than just a preview submission. Remember, you can use any field-based merge tag for the default value of any field. The only requirement is that the field being populated is placed on a later page than the field whose merge tag you are populating it with.

This means you can take data submitted on the first page of a form and populate into fields on subsequent pages of the same form. The list of available merge tags will automatically display the field merge tags that are available for the current field.


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