Gravity Perks Reload Form 1.1.18 free download


What does it do?

The Reload Form perk allows you to include a special link in your AJAX-enabled form’s confirmation message which, when clicked, will reload the form to allow additional submissions without a page refresh. It also provides the ability to automatically reload the form after a specified number of seconds.

I would strongly advise checking out the demo of this functionality to better understand the different pieces referenced in the rest of this documentation.

How does it work?

When the form is initially loaded, a copy of the original form HTML is stored in a Javascript variable. After the form is submitted and the special reload link in the confirmation message is clicked, the stored form HTML is used to replace the confirmation message and reload the form. Now the form is ready to be submitted again!

How do I enable this functionality?

There are two steps for setting up this functionality for your form.

  1. Make sure your form is AJAX-enabled. For instructions on embedding your Gravity Form and enabling AJAX for your form, read here.
  2. Include the {reload_form} merge tag in your confirmation message wherever you would like the reload link to appear.

The {reload_form} merge tag is available in the Confirmation Message’s Insert Merge Tag dropdown field. Open the dropdown and you will find the “Reload Form Link” option under the “Custom” option group. Selecting this option will automatically insert the {reload_form} merge tag into the Confirmation Message textarea.


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