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Limit Login Attempts for Login Protection, protect site from hacks and malware. Limit Login Attempts provides Login Security, Brute Force attacks protection, strong passwords enforcement. We provide you enterprise level security, protecting your WP website from hackers and malwares.
A Brute Force Attack is the simplest kind of method to gain access to a website. Hackers tries with random usernames and passwords, over and over again, until they gets in. Most of the time such attacks are automated allowing the hackers to try millions of time in a short span.
We help you to protect your website against brute force login attacks by blocking an IP address of the hacker after a specified limit of failed login attempts within a specified time. Limit login attempts also provide reCaptcha.


  • Login Security – Limit Login Attempts and track user login attempts
  • Brute Force Attack Protection- Limit the number of allowed login attempts and protect the user accounts from attack.
  • Antispam- Google reCAPTCHA to protect users from spam.
  • IP Restriction- restrict the IP or IP range to prevent invalid login attack.
  • Rename or change login page URL – Rename the default wordpress login URL (slug) to something different from original wp-login.php or wp-admin to prevent automated brute force attacks.
  • Display remaining attempts on Login Page- It will provide an option to inform user about to their remaining attempts on login page.
  • SPAM Protection- Offer a SPAM protection and ability to disable/block IP address after it’s made a certain number of attempts.
  • Disable XML-RPC – An option to simply disable XML-RPC in WordPress. Most of the WordPress users don’t need XML-RPC and can disable it to prevent automated brute force attacks.
  • Inactive User Logout – Automatic logout if the user does not perform any action for the specified amount of the time.
  • Administrator Email Alerts – get notified by an email alerts for IP blocking and unusual activity with user account.


Anti-Spam or SPAM Protection provides security against Login, Registrations, comments SPAM and content protection for your website.We help you to eliminate WordPress Comments SPAM, registration spam and Contact form spam by simple enabling Google reCAPTCHA to protect wordpress registers.

We support Google reCAPTCHA for different forms like RegistrationMagic, WooCommerce, Simplr Registration, Event Registration, Ultimate Member, User Ultra Registration Form, Pie Registration Form, BuddyPress, Contact Form 7, UserPro Form, Ninja Form, Gravity form, WP members, Ultimate Membership Pro, Email Subscription form.


From time to time hackers may try to break into your WordPress site by guessing your admin password. By default, WordPress allows users to try different passwords as many times as they want. This is also known as brute force attack. However, you can change this and add an extra layer to protect your site and for the login security to your WordPress site.
Brute Force Login Protection with IP Blocking security help you monitor login attempts from your users and hackers. We keep track of user’s login attempts and we send alerts to administrators for unusual activities if someone exceeds allowed failed login attempts.


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