Reactive Search Pro – Advanced WordPress Search Filter Map & Grid v4.0.6.6 free download

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Reactive Search Pro – Advanced WordPress Search Filter Map & Grid v4.0.6.6 free download


v4.0.6.6 – 17 May 20

- general update for wp 5.4.x 
- category block issue fixed
- duplicate import issue fixed
- performance improved
- design issues fixed
- theme compatibility issues fixed

v4.0.6.5 – 7 January 20

- Location search issue fixed

v4. – 5 January 20

- RnB compatibility issue fixed

v4. – 23 November 19

- search settings panel show item bug fixed

v4.0.6.4 – 7 November 19

- Auto complete text search threshold settings added
- text search issue fixed
- map marker issue fixed
- range search component issue fixed
- wpml issue fixed
- code & plugin performance optimized

v4.0.6.3 – 28 March 19

- All term Names issue 
- Meta key sorting for both number and string
- Template selection issue 
- Search tag url decode
- Redirect settings duplication issue fix 
- Turn off post content √
- rnb datepicker with prequery issue 
- Search Tag remove of rnb datepicker
- map satalite view and terreian view enabled
- map default view option added
- map styled bug fixed
- map config modified
- wpml post link issue fixed
- wpml link issue should be fixed from grid template
- Menu order sorting functionality added

v4.0.6.2 – 4 July 18

- post type search issue fixed

v4.0.6.1 – 28 June 18

Bug fix 

- Some issue fixed for version 4.0.6

v4.0.6 – 27 June 18

Bug fix and Improvements

- Fix sorting for Metakeys
- Some issue fixed on the code
- WPML unknown column elemnt_type error issue fixed
- Wpml user info issue fixed
- Query Optimized
- Category load more issue fixed
- Map settings panel marker icon select issue fixed
- Meta value space in word issue fixed
- Map autocomplete search issue fixed
- Ajax activated in grid for woocommerce variable, grouped product price

v4.0.5 – 25 April 18

Newly added:
i) Autocomplete search component
ii) Rating search component

Bug fix and Improvements

i) dropdown issue fix
ii) map info window issue fix
iii) text search reload geobox marker issue fix
iv) fix option sorting for checkbox, combobox, radiobox, selectbox
v) search override issue fixed

v4.0.4 – 26 February 18

1. Map issue fixed
2. Max min issue fix
3. Bar block hide on different device
4. performance improvement for block loading
5. Sorting option for selecbox component
6. Undefined issue fix
7. First time grid taking console issue fix
8. Block Delete or Sweetalert issue fix

v4.0.3 – 28 January 18

New Features:
i) User Search
ii) Term Restriction / Term Excluding
iii) Buddy press group search
iv) Comment search
v) New search result template for user search
vi) No posts found button provided

Bug Fixed:
i) Map Redirect page search
ii) Map Reload issue

Feature Improved:
I) Builder shortcode column provided
ii) No posts found text change facility  

v4.0.2 – 28 December 17

New Features:
i) Map Country Restriction added.
ii) Map Custom Style option provided
iii) Post type Filtering option provided 
iv) Multiple Non-Filterable Grid and Category Grid feature provided
v) Grid popup information option provided.
vi) Alphanumeric shorting feature provided.
vii) Filterable Grid with Post type option provided.

v4.0.1 – 3 December 17

i) and or feature added
ii) react js v16 updated
iii) shortcode feature added in the post content for the grid resutl
iv) wishlist plugin integrated
v) value of undefined issue fixed
vi) style issue fixed
vii) dropdown close issue fixed 
viii) page search feature added
ix) min max panel subtitle provided
x) some title text improved

v4.0 – 19 November 2017

i) Category page filter feature added.
ii) user info option for grid result.
iii) map skin added.
iv) different map style for each map.
v) block hide feature provided.
vi)  do shortcode support provided.
vii) language files updated.
viii) marker scale on grid over issue is fixed
ix) scroll to top issue fixed
x) rangeslider improved
xi) ampersen issue fixed.
xii) load more button text change option provided
xiii) script loading is more improved.
xiv) style issues fixed.

v3.8 – 21 October 2017

i) serialize meta issue fixed
ii) parent child component show hide option
iii) search attribute now can be sorted based on alphabet, number, post count
iv) nearest distance feature enabled
v) templating has been improved
vi) load more button text changed
vi) some bug fixed
vii) style issue fixed
viii) feature improvements

v3.7 – 9 October 17

i) media attachment url data.

Bug Fixed:
i) WPML issue fixed.
ii) to-uppercase issue fixed
iii) root of undefined issue fixed.
iv) terms of undefined issue fixed.

v3.6 – 4 October 17

Feature Enhancement :
i) Search override enable disable.
ii) All post data provided.

Bug Fixed:
i) menu issue fixed.
ii) grid list issue fixed.
iii) search issue fixed.
iv) css optimized.
v) css refactored.

v3.5 – 15 September 17

NB: There are huge changes in the plugin files, so make sure you keep backup of your current files before you update to this version also check our update guide in the update.txt file

New Features:
i) Fastest Search Filter & Grid result
ii) Page Templating system Provided
iii) Map marker and map info template builder
iv) Random Sort added
v) combobox search enable disable
vi) Update Builder button provided for v3.3
vii) map same location marker


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