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Submit Video/Post: allow visitors to submit postsVarious Video Network supported: use direct link from YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Facebook, Twitch, supports all kinds of embed link or direct linkVideo Series: build a movie database with mult-episode seriesVideo Playlist: create a video playlist easilyVideo Channel: setup channels of videosLive Video supported: catch the future of live videosImport Videos from YouTube, Vimeo’s channels: support WordPress YouTube ImportAutomatic pluginsFloating Player: watch video while browsing other contentVideo Actors: promote movie starsVideo Screenshots: view video screenshots before watchingVideo Lightbox: watch video without opening new pageMulti-links: upload your video to several servers so users can choose where to watch fasterSupport Social Locker: earn likes and shares for your contentVideo Player logic: extend your video player functions, such as adding rolling AdsFilter Videos and Advance Search feature: filter videos based on various conditionsVideo Rating: allow admin and users to rate contentWatch Later: allow users to add videos to Watch Later listExternal Link: promote affiliated content with External LinkTons of video-related featuresCustomizable: change color, typo, background for every part of the pageAdvertisement: offer various pre-defined locations to place adsMembership features: Support MyCred & Ultimate Membership PRO. Also support QuFormCommunity features: with BuddyPress integrationDownload Video: a small button for a big jobAjax search: instant search contentSupport Age Verify plugin: verify your audience’s age for adult contentCactus Landing page a simple plugin to manage Opening Soon or Maintenance modeSoundCloud customization: customize SoundCloud player easilyPowerful shortcodes: Smart Content Box with 10 layouts and Posts Slider to support all post typesHundreds of Theme Options5 widget stylesAjax loading content, optimized speed3 Page Layout: wide, inbox, full-width2 Header Layouts and 2 Color Schemas3 Blog Layouts2 Video LayoutsVery detail document with advanced Ajax Search: Online Document

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Release Logs

  • VideoPro – 2020/05/03
    includes Cactus-Video; Cactus Actor; Unyson Backup Extension 1.0.5; Visual Composer 6.2.0;
    • #Fix: warning when create channel from front end
    • #Fix: content top sidebar on actor listing template page
    • #Fix: Syntax error
    • #Improve: allow create Channel on profie page of BuddyPress
    • #Improve: add option to Submit video title in Submission
    • #Improve: add filter for BuddyPress compatibility
    • #Improve: Add option selecting IDs actor for Actors listing </shortcodes
    • #Update: sample data plugin and disable session from Unyson</shortcodes>
    • #Update: filter
  • VideoPro – 2020/03/22
    includes Cactus-Video; VideoPro Shortcode;
    • #Fix: Dark schema setting in front page
    • #Fix: Add video file
    • #Fix: Filter bug of Smartcontent Box shortcode
    • #Fix: plugin video thumbnail
    • #Fix: Like button in Single video page
    • #Fix: Warning when active Unyson Sample Data
  • VideoPro – 2020/01/20
    includes Cactus-Actor; Cactus-Ads; Cactus-Video; Advance Search Form; VideoPro Shortcode; VideoPro Unyson backup Extension 1.0.3; Visual Composer 6.1;
    • #Update: Smooth scroll library
    • #Update: Vidoe Thumbnail plugin
    • #Fix: archive layout for single series page
    • #Fix: pagination for single series page
    • #Fix: Meta data for post slider layout 7
    • #Fix: Add header tag for 404 page
    • #Fix: Add widget logic for recommended plugin
    • #Fix: warning in cactus ads plugin
    • #Fix: Add custom social account
    • #Fix: shortcode series listing and channel listing
    • #Fix: watch later issues when using custom order for playlist
    • #Fix: Channel/Actor lisitng widget show incorrect number of videos
    • #Fix: Warning in videopro shortcode plugin
    • #Fix: using offset in Smart Content Box
    • #Fix: Warning on PHP 7.1
    • #Fix: Always requires update Cactus Ads plugin
    • #Fix: Warning Advance Search form plugin
    • #Fix: Warning for Unyson backup
    • #Fix: Cactus Ads when auto play video
    • #Fix: Warning undefined index for series in single video page
    • #Fix: Dropcap shortcode on Dark Schema
    • #Fix: Share video on Facebook, unable to play directly
  • VideoPro – 2019/10/01
    includes Cactus-Actor;
    • #Update: Video Thumbnail plugins
    • #Fix: Icon cart on header
    • #Fix: Install recommended plugins
    • #Fix: Upload branding logo image
  • VideoPro – 2019/09/02
    includes Cactus-Video; Vissual Composer 6.0.5; VideoPro-unyson-backup-restore 1.0.2
    • #Fix: Single actor bugs
    • #FIx: Conflict with WpDisuz
    • #Fix: Fix Ajax loadmore
    • #Fix: Lost Edit profile in Log in menu
    • #Fix: Read video using HTML5 Video JS player
    • #Fix: Compatible with the latest Elite Player
    • #Fix: z-Index on Category mobile menu
    • #Fix: z-Index for more video on Ipad Pro
    • #Fix: Import v1, v2 for Sample demo
    • #Update: Sample Data plugin
  • VideoPro – 2019/07/19
    includes Cactus-Video; Vissual Composer 6.0.4
    • #Fix: Jquerry function
    • #FIx: Lightbox issue with FVplayer
    • #Fix: TGM plugin for required and recommendation plugin
    • #Fix: Channel/Playlist on
    • #Fix: Icon with custom social
    • #Add: Welcome page
    • #Add: New backup file for one click installation
  • VideoPro – 2019/06/05
    includes Cactus-Actor; Cactus-Rating; Easy Tab 2.0.2; Vissual Composer 6.0.3
    • #Fix: PHP 7.3 warning
  • VideoPro – 2019/04/16
    includes Cactus-Video; Cactus-Actor;
    • #Fix: Counter issues
    • #Fix: Show search results
    • #Fix: Error for update recommend series when update post
    • #Fix: Option re-order series
    • #Fix: Actor listing thumbnail size
  • VideoPro – 2019/02/19
    includes Cactus-Video; VideoPro – Shortcodes; Vissual Composer 5.7; Cactus Badges 1.1; Cactus Rating;
    • #Fix: Video-series
    • #Fix: Badge in edit post sidebar
    • #Fix: Cactus count views
    • #Fix: Cactus increase view
    • #Fix: Autoplay vimeo with video play thumbnail
    • #Fix: Missing video series for classic editor
    • #Fix: Button sidebar z-index
    • #Fix: Embeb video width/height = 1
    • #Fix: Search page issues
    • #Fix: Missing series box in classic mode
    • #Fix: Series dropbox z-index
    • #Fix: Series box height when got many items
    • #Fix: rating start
    • #Fix: PHP warning
  • VideoPro – 2018/12/12
    includes Cactus-Video; Cactus-Actor; Vissual Composer 5.6;
    • #Fix: Option post select
    • #Fix: Sart backward multi link option
    • #Fix: Theme Option issue
    • #Update: Compatible with WordPress 5.0
  • VideoPro – 2018/11/16
    includes Cactus-Video;
    • #Fix: Single video z-index layout
  • VideoPro – 2018/11/12
    includes Cactus-Video;
    • #Fix: Submit video button > stop hide email fields
    • #Add: Include Option Tree on Theme package
  • VideoPro – 2018/10/26
    includes Cactus-Video; Visual Composer 5.5.5;
    • #Fix: WP Editor for post front end editor description
    • #Fix: Show/hide author, date for search content
    • #Fix: Dropdown magemenu overlow text
    • #Fix: Imporve remove email field when user logged in (contact form 7 for user submit video)
    • #Add: Social link target for Theme Option
  • VideoPro – 2018/10/01
    includes Cactus-Video; VideoPro – Shortcodes; Visual Composer 5.5.4;
    • #Fix: Next – Previous for single Video Playlist
    • #Fix: Facebook, Google api script issue
    • #Fix: Next – Previous page button
  • VideoPro – 2018/08/27
    includes Cactus-Video; Cactus Actor; Cactus Landingpage 1.0.1; VideoPro – Shortcodes;
    • #Fix: Watch-late warning issue
    • #Fix: Pull-left, pull-right element
    • #Fix: Widget category show all
    • #Fix: Single actor ajax loadmore video
    • #Update: Allow custom playlist video order
    • #Fix: Ajaxload for custom order playlist
    • #Fix: Gallery missing icon font
    • #Fix: Smart content box order by rating
    • #Fix: Warning PHP
    • #Fix: Cactus landing page
  • VideoPro – 2018/08/10
    includes Cactus-Video; Cactus Actor; Visual Composer 5.5.2;
    • #Fix: Amp-iframe for embed video
    • #Fix: Allow video channel order DESC or ASC
    • #Fix: Improve watch late
    • #Fix: Show added watch late in first loading video
    • #Fix: Allow reclick to remove from watch late
    • #Update: Amp-src for embed video
    • #Update: Render amp as self-hosted
    • #Update: Amp-iframe for embed video
    • #Update: Videopro category widget
    • #Update: Hook video submission
  • VideoPro – 2018/07/12
    • #Fix: breadcrumb author page
  • VideoPro – 2018/07/04
    includes Cactus-Video
    • #Fix: fatal error (ct form 7 not activated)
  • VideoPro 2.3.5 – 2018/06/09
    includes Cactus-Video 2.3.5; Cactus Ads; Cactus Actor
    • #Update: support Video Streaming using VideoWhisper plugin and RTMP servers (such as Wowza). See doc
    • #Update: option to show notifications when someone subscribed your channels
    • #Update: option to limit User Upload Video feature for only Admin
    • #Fix: dark schema style
    • #Fix: support BuddyPress 3.0
    • #Fix: some minor bugs
  • VideoPro – 2018/04/27
    includes Cactus-Video; Cactus-Actor; Advance Search Form; Cactus Ads
    • #Fix: some minor errors and CSS including Font-Awesome icons
    • #Fix: cannot click on Delete video after ajax-loaded
    • #Fix: hide “Layout Switcher Toolbar” for search results page when option is turned off
    • #Fix: cannot save channel Social links from front-end
    • #Fix: users can see Edit icon for other users’ channel page
    • #Update: [Cactus Ads] support Youtube Short URL
  • VideoPro – 2018/03/30
    includes Cactus-Video 2.3.4; Visual Composer 5.4.7
    • #Fix: some minor errors and CSS
    • #Fix: cannot use Control Bar on Video File on Lightbox
    • #Fix: “Auto check ‘Do Not Fetch’” option does not work correctly
    • #Fix: conflict between Elite Player and Bz Player
    • #Fix: Off-canvas menu opening issue
    • #Fix: layout is broken if using FV Flow Player and JS Player in Video Header – Thumbnail mode
    • #Fix: cannot load image when uploading from front-end in a multisite
    • #Update: add “Back to primary Video” for multi-link video
    • #Update: Users can edit Channel Social Accounts from front-end
  • Full release logs: Click Here


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