Yith Woocommerce GeoIP Language Redirect Premium
Yith Woocommerce GeoIP Language Redirect Premium


Let users from anywhere in the world see your website in their own language!

So your online business is finally getting started and you are finally starting to sell all over the World, not just your own country.

You translate the pages in your website, but your users still need to find out where on the website they get to see your products in their own language.

This dramatically lowers the conversion rate for each country, which voids any effort you put into specifically targeting a given region in the world you intend to focus your investments and data analysis on.

You may also decide to differentiate some of the content in your pages, like prices and shipping fees, but with no control over knowing where your users are from, you might find yourself forced to display the same version of your website to everybody.

Thanks to YITH GeoIP Language Redirect for WooCommerce, you can redirect users from any country to the appropriate version of your website instantly and automatically, and you can do so for every single page and even specific files.

You will have complete control over the source of your users and you will be able to handle it in a simple and immediate way, take a look to all of the features this plugin offers, and improve your sales all over the world!

  • Requires: WordPress 4.5 or higher and WooCommerce 4.0.x or higher
  • Compatible up to: WordPress 5.4 and WooCommerce 4.2.x
  • Minimum PHP version: 5.6
  • Version: 1.0.16
  • Released: 2020-06-11
  • Supported multilanguage plugins: WPML, Loco Translate
  • Translation ready: YES
  • Languages 100% guaranteed by YITH: Italian (100%), Dutch (100%), Spanish (100%)
  • Support to: All YITH themes. All YITH plugins.
  • GDPR Compliant: YES

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Create redirect rules in few clicks

And from your WordPress dashboard without having to change your website files

Redirect rules - GeoIP Language Redirect

Apply the rules only to users from a certain country

This will let you create targeted redirects

Select country for rule

Set up a redirect on the entire website or on specific URLs only

You can also make redirects on posts, media, pages, categories and tags

Origin redirect

Define the HTTP status code

For each of the redirects you’ve set up

HTTP Status code

Select the devices on which the redirect rule has to apply

Mobile, desktop or both of them

Select device for redirect

Redirect users only the first time

No redirect will be made if users visit the same page again

First time redirect

Compile a whitelist with selected IP addresses

All the devices that access those IP addresses will not be redirected

Plugin settings

Take advantage of the wpml compatibility

You are free to easily translate the plugin with the powerful WPML to

Wpml Compatible


  • Create one or more redirect rules for your website
  • Choose the country to which the redirect rule applies
  • Choose the HTTP status code to associate to each redirect rule
  • Make a redirect based on:
    • your website domain
    • custom URLs
    • custom URLs matching regular expressions
    • all the posts of your website (or just one of them)
    • all the pages of your website (or just one of them)
    • all the categories of your website (or just a specific one)
    • all the tags of your website (or just a specific one)
    • all the products of your shop (or just a specific one)
    • the shop archive page
  • Choose the destination URL among the following:
    • a custom URL
    • a post from the website
    • a page from the website
    • a product detail page
    • a category detail page
    • a tag detail page
  • Choose on which devices redirect rules have to apply:
    • desktop
    • mobile
    • all devices
  • Choose to redirect only users who visit the page for the first time (after that, they will no longer be redirected, they will regularly access the selected page unless the cookie has expired)
  • Exclude users from a certain country from being redirected
  • Exclude one or more IP addresses from being redirected


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