Enable deposits for purchase of your products and you will not risk losing many customers who cannot purchase outright

Leaving a deposit to book an interesting product and paying the balance later taking your time: we all did it at least once, isn’t it true? Dynamics do not change: customers see a product in your e-commerce, they want it, but for various reasons they cannot purchase in that precise moment (generally because they do not have enough money available). And so, what happens?
It happens that those customers leave the shop. Unless you give them the opportunity to book the product and leave a deposit, so that they can be sure that, thanks to that down payment, the wished product becomes their own and it will not be sold to others.

The plugin YITH WooCommerce Deposit and Down Payments can turn out to be an ace up your sleeve for your shop, especially if you sell middle- or high-cost products: certainly, the higher the price of your products the easier you can lose customers because they cannot pay the total amount immediately.

More than a reliable plugin, a guarantee: let your customers leave a deposit and, besides loyalise them, you’ll see your shop conversion rate increase.

  • Requires: WordPress 4.5 or higher and WooCommerce 4.0.x or higher
  • Compatible up to: WordPress 5.4.x and WooCommerce 4.2.x
  • Minimum PHP version: 5.6
  • Version: 1.3.8
  • Released: 2020-06-12
  • Supported multilanguage plugins: WPML, Loco Translate
  • Translation ready: YES
  • Languages 100% guaranteed by YITH: Spanish (100%), Dutch (100%), Italian (98%)
  • Support to: All YITH themes. All YITH plugins except for: YITH Donations for WooCommerce, YITH WooCommerce Name Your Price

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Set a fixed amount for the deposit

Or let the plugin calculate as a percent value of product price

Deposit amount

Choose until when the deposit is valid

And make it expire if the balance is not paid in time


Allow email notifications for both users and admin

When a deposit is paid and when it is going to expire

Notify options

Force users to pay the balance in situ

Even if they have paid the deposit online

Use custom labels for plugin buttons

So you can choose the perfect text for your site

Label and messages

Add notes to products in the shop

To add useful information

Product note

Configure the deposit on variable products

By setting different parameters for each variation available for the product

Set deposit on variable product

Set a specific deposit expiration date for each product

If deposit is not completed before this date, the deposit will expire

Expiration fallback do nothing

Decide what will happen with the product after expiration date

Hide from catalog, no longer for sale, disable deposit, or nothing

Expiration product status

Take advantage of the wpml compatibility

You are free to easily translate the plugin with the powerful WPML tool

Wpml Compatible

Set rules to calculate automatically the deposit amount

Per product or per category

Deposit type


  • Users who make a purchase can pay with a deposit and complete the full payment later
  • Force users to pay a deposit during the purchase
  • Exclude one or more products from deposit request
  • Administrators can set a shipping method, or leave users the freedom to choose while purchasing
  • The amount of the deposit can be fixed or by percentage according to the price of the product
  • Set an expiration date after which users won’t be able to complete the payment of an order
  • Set a specific expiration date after which users won’t be able to complete the payment of an order New
  • Refund the deposit of users when they don’t complete the purchase by the expiration date
  • Administrators and users will receive automatically an email when a new deposit request is done
  • Administrators can ask for a different deposit according to customer role, the product or its category
  • Prevent users to complete the payment of an order digitally
  • Customize the label showed by the plugin
  • Configure a different deposit for each variation available for the product
  • Set the payment of the deposit as a default behavior


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