Elemetor Extras is super slick and makes any web project sing and dance. It’s well designed from a user point of view and comes with some clever functions we haven’t found elsewhere. Backed up by really friendly, helpful and knowledgeable support. I can’t recommend them enough.


3rd Party Elementor Add-Ons

Talented developers have helped grow Elementor even further. Explore the most invaluable third party add-ons for Elementor.


Ultimate Add-Ons

Ultimate Add-ons comes with an intuitive interface that blends well with Elementor

HT Mega

HTMega includes 80+ elements & 360 Blocks with unlimited variations

ToolKit For Elementor

20+ performance tweaks, site admin tools, access manager, syncer, WooCommerce optimizations & more.

The Plus Addons

A collection of some of the most creative and innovative features to improve your Elementor Workflow

Visibility Logic

Easily hide or show any Elementor widget or section based on different conditions

Prime Slider

Prime Slide is a unique slider addon for Elementor. It includes 20+ unique design slider widgets.

Mighty Addons

Powerup your Elementor with advanced widgets, extensions, and a template library.

Happy Addons

A unique Elementor Addon with Premium Quality Features & Widgets.


Build your Elementor page with preset and reusable widget styles or templates. 100% Free!



Unlimited Elements

Create stunning widgets using the widget creator or use the awesome widget library

Coder – Syntax Highlighter

Simple and flexible syntax highlighter for Elementor with support for over 200 programming languages.

Move Addons

Move Addons will elevate your website to the next level with the great-looking widgets


Dynamic news modules for Elementor

Livemesh Addons

Livemesh Addons features a huge collection of premium, easy to use yet highly functional Elementor extensions


A toolkit for enhancing the Elementor features. Create powerful & professional content


This plugin comes with some truly imaginative widgets for Elementor

Master Addons

Boost up your Design and Creativity with unique, handcrafted, exclusive 50+ Addons & Extensions

Essential Add-Ons

Enhance your Elementor page building experience with 54+ creative elements

Premium Add-Ons

Get numerous customization options that extends Elementor further

Envato Elements

Get beautiful, handcrafted & free templates built exclusively for Elementor


Top-rated JetPlugins for Elementor

Element Pack

Element Pack includes more than 160 widgets and a dedicated template library with ready-made pages and blocks. ELEMENTOR EXTRAS WORDPRESS PLUGIN

Designer Powerup

Designer Powerup adds advanced design capabilities and faster workflow features to Elementor. ELEMENTOR EXTRAS WORDPRESS PLUGIN

ACF Frontend

Easily display ACF frontend forms for your users so they can edit content by themselves from the frontend. ELEMENTOR EXTRAS WORDPRESS PLUGIN

ZohoElementor Integration

Create a lead, contact, case in Zoho CRM or ticket in Zoho Desk

Frequently Asked Questions

Elementor addons are plugins developed specifically for the Elementor platform by talented, third-party developers. They increase Elementor’s functionality and enrich the user’s experience. ELEMENTOR EXTRAS WORDPRESS PLUGIN

These are not mandatory, but if you’d like to enrich your design you should try them out.

Elementor Pro offers even more features in one easy-to-use package.

Some are free and some are not. Elementor Pro includes many of the features provided by these different addons in one simple package.

WordPress addons are known as plugins. They are being developed primarily by third parties to add functionality, new features, and improve WordPress overall. They can be found in the WordPress plugin repository here.

There isn’t. Addons and plugins are the exact same thing. Some people insist that the term addons is very broad and includes other terms, including plugins, extensions, and more, others insist that there’s a difference in the technical aspect, but there is no one definitive answer. ELEMENTOR EXTRAS WORDPRESS PLUGIN

For the purposes of WordPress and Elementor, plugins and addons are the same thing.

Premium support for Elementor Pro users does not include support for add-ons not directly developed by Elementor.

If you’re experiencing issues with an add-on, please reach out to the developer or company who authored it.