Envato elements WordPress plugin

Envato elements WordPress plugin

Envato elements WordPress plugin

Learn how to download and install free elementor templates and blocks using the Envato Elements plugin.

Envato Elements is the design assets subscription service of Envato.

With their latest WordPress plugin, Envato is offering free Elementor templates and Template Kits along with other design assets for WordPress users.

Envato Elements Plugin currently offers free templates and premium template kits designed for WordPress page builders – Elementor and Beaver Builder.

There are plans to provide templates for the Gutenberg editor as it continues to advance and offers serious page-building capabilities.

Envato is the same company behind the biggest WordPress themes marketplace – Themeforest. And as such, it can be assuring that the templates are of high quality and the resources will be constantly updated in the future.

Please use our Envato Market coupons to get the best deal for Elementor compatible WordPress themes on Themeforest or use our guide to update Themeforest WordPress themes from Envato if you use one already.

With the increasing popularity of Elementor and other page builders, WordPress theme developers and marketplaces are looking for solutions to adapt their offerings. Providing templates catered to such page builders can be an important way to capitalize on that popularity.

Envato Elements Plugin makes it really easy to browse, import, and install templates to build it on top of the page builders you’re already familiar.

Envato Elements WordPress Plugin for Elementor Templates

Check out this official page on Envato Elements Template Kits where you can also watch the explainer video and learn more about the plugin.

Learn how to import Elementor Templates and Template Kits from Envato Elements and configure them for your website.

Upgrade to Elementor Pro? Elementor pro is constantly adding new features and new template kits that can significantly improve your Elementor experience without having to look for third-party templates and blocks. See more Elementor resources here.

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Install the Envato elements WordPress plugin

The first step is to install and configure the Envato Elements Plugin. You can download and install the plugin from the official WordPress repository.

To install the plugin, go to Plugins > Add New > and search for the Envato Elements Plugin.

Envato Elements WordPress Plugin Download

Please ensure you are installing the official plugin listing Envato as the author. (There might be several other similar named plugins in your search results).

Configure the Envato elements WordPress plugin

You will need to enter your email address and agree to their terms and conditions before you can access the free templates.

Envato Elements WordPress Plugin Configuration

Similar to many other plugins, they are tracking the domain where the plugin is used so that they can ensure it complies with their terms set out for free usage.

You should comply with their terms if you are just using it for personal purposes. If you are not selling the free templates or offering them in some automated website builder services to your clients, you should be fine.

Envato Elements Subscription For Pro Templates

If you intend to use the pro templates and other features such as stock photos, you will need to sign up for their subscription plans (see Envato Elements Coupons here).

Some of the best Elementor Templates Kits offered by the plugin are for subscribed members only and I highly recommend signing up for it. Not only you get access to pro Elementor templates and temple kits, but Envato Elements will also have your entire design needs covered.

Once you become Envato Elements subscriber, you can go to the settings page ( Elements > Settings) and enter the licence code to configure the plugin.

Licence Code Envato Elements Plugin

You can connect your Envato Elements Subscription by entering the token from your account. Follow the link offered in the pop-up to verify your pro subscription settings.

Let’s explore more of the Envato Elements wordpress plugin offerings in details below.

Elementor Template Kits by Envato elements WordPress plugin

Template kits are a collection of templates that are built to maintain similar design and layouts for multiple pages of a website.

The template kits often cover the important pages in any website including the about page, contact page, blog page etc providing you with a collection of templates.

Envato Elements Premium Template Kits

There are several template kits available for buildings all kinds of websites catering to different niches. So, whether you are looking to build a website for a photography studio, a makeup brand, a startup, or an eCommerce site – template kits should have you covered.

Envato Elements currently offers more 30 premium template kits in addition to the hundreds of free template kits.Template Kits Envato Elements Premium Plugin

To access premium Template kits, you will need to sign up for and configure for Envato Elements subscription as discussed above.

Elementor Blocks by Envato Elements

Besides Template Kits, the Envato Elements plugin offers a huge selection of Elementor Blocks that can be useful while building pages with Elementor.

There are more than 500+ responsive block templates available to import from the Envato elements wordpress plugin.

Elementor Blocks Envato Elements Plugin

You can access the Block section from the Elementor sub menu (Elementor > Blocks).

The blocks have been arranged in different sections and can be searched from the plugin dashboard.

Premium Stock Photos by Envato Elements

This might not be too relevant if you are just looking for Elementor template kits but if you have an Envato Elements subscription already, you can access thousands of premium stock photos from your website.

Besides, if you are working on to make those Elementor templates look professional, you might need some copyright-free stock photos and that’s when the access to stock photos might come into use.

Envato Elements Plugin Stock Photos

Envato elements provide you with a huge library of over half a million royalty-free stock photos. You can also use these photos in all commercial projects and the best part – directly import them in your WordPress media library.

Sign up for Envato Elements subscription? Envato Elements is the must-have subscription that offers unlimited templates, themes, plugins, graphics, photos, fonts and other design assets.

Envato Elements wordpress Plugin FAQs

I have tried to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about using the Envato elements wordpress plugin for Elementor templates below.

How can I access free Elementor Template Kits?

For the free Elementor Template Kits, you can see the Free section of the Envato Elements plugin dashboard. There are hundreds of free Elementor template kits ready to import and install.

What is Envato Elements Plugin?

The Envato Elements plugin is the official WordPress plugin from Envato which offers free and premium Elementor templates and Template kits along with other design assets such as Stock Photos.

Will the Template Kits work for my Theme?

If you have installed the Elementor plugin and an Elementor compatible WordPress theme, all the Template kits should work for you.

Can I use all of the Elementor Blocks?

The Envato Elements plugin also offers blocks that make use of the Elementor Pro features and for those blocks to work, you will need to upgrade to the premium version of Elementor.

Is the Envato Elements Subscription worth it?

The Envato Elements subscription will allow you to access all the premium template kits and pro features within the plugin in addition to the unlimited design assets and stock photos offered by Envato.

Strategic Offering from Envato?

This is a very good strategic offer from Envato. I guess they are offering free templates initially as they want to have a substantial userbase for the plugin that would then make it easier for them to promote the core Envato Elements subscription and other products.

The plugin also aligns with their services, most importantly with Envato Elements itself, which offers similar themes and templates as part of their subscription. I wouldn’t be surprised to see many other premium offerings from Envato Elements within the plugin soon.

Either way, the plugin is an excellent offering from Envato that fulfils the design need of growing page-builder users in the WordPress community.

We highly recommend the Pro version of Elementor plugin and Envato Elements Subscription to make the most out of both of them.

Looking for more Elementor templates and Template Kits? Check out our other Elementor resources here.

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