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Envy Shopify Theme
Envy Shopify Theme

Envy Shopify Theme

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Custom Projects Work?

Envy is a comfortable Shopify theme for any merchants with who seeks a  clean and proficient design with lot of customization features. With its four fabulous styles, you can get your Shopify store built in no time. With a range of elegantly composed homepage sections, you can showcase recommended products and special offers.

4 Styles included,

Envy Theme comes with four variants to choose from, giving you a spotless and modern, additional style contrasted with most of the other Shopify themes. The staggered menu offers a superb alternative for helping your clients explore all through your site. You can likewise fit more things onto a menu like this, improving it for bigger stores.

  1. Oslo
  2. Copenhagen
  3. Stockholm
  4. Gothenburg


Envy’s Oslo style has an impressive modern design that suits well for fashion and lifestyle brands.


Envy’s Copenhagen style holds a simple yet proficient design that will give your products the maximum exposure as much as possible.


Envy Gothenburg is a Shopify theme designed to work on all devices. Envy Gothenburg theme is meant to be SEO friendly. It also has the fastest page load speed, whether you have lots of articles or a lot of different products that load together on the page. Envy Gothenburg is easy to use even without the knowledge of code or webmaster.

Theme features

Promotional pop-ups

Share promotional messages among your customers.

Multi-level menu

Feature a multi-level menu to help customers easily navigate your Shopify Store site for product information.

Promotional banner

Promote your latest sale, promotion, or discount at the header of your store’s home page.


Showcase multiple product icons on your home page.

Product image zoom

Give customers a closer look when they hover over an image.

Mobile-first design

Specially meant for small devices and mobile e-commerce.

Let’s have a detailed lookup into the Product page customization features

Customizing the Product page

In the Envy Shopify theme, you can also customize how the products need to be displayed on the product page. Specific information can be selected for display if required as well as it holds various display options for thumbnails and product descriptions.

Show Vendor

Here you can display the vendor information above the product title that can set up inside the product information. Envy Shopify Theme

Show Quantity selector

By enabling this quantity selector, you can make your customers select the quantity for your product by simply clicking on the sign “+” or “-” before adding the item to the cart.

Show SKU

This choice shows the Stock Keeping Unit of a particular product. Whenever the “Show Vendor” checkbox is permitted, then “Show SKU” will display the SKU of the products on the right side of the particular product title.

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