Formidable Forms Pro WordPress Form Builder v4.09

Formidable Forms Pro WordPress Form Builder

Formidable Forms Pro WordPress Form Builder

Formidable Forms Pro - WordPress Form Builder v4.09Formidable Forms Pro – WordPress Form Builder v4.09

Schedule Forms & Limit Responses

Choose a date or set a response limit to automatically open and close forms.

Invisible Spam Protection

Get anti-spam options like honeypot, reCAPTCHA, Akismet, and the blacklist.

Save and Continue

Logged-in users can save forms and resume later or auto-save a multi-paged draft.

File Uploads

Use documents, files, music, and photos for avatars, galleries, or email attachments.

Datepicker Options

Add options to date fields so you choose the dates that can be selected. Formidable Forms Pro WordPress Form Builder

User Registration

Register new users, edit profiles, change passwords, and login from the front-end. Formidable Forms Pro WordPress Form Builder

Review Summary Before Submit

Empower users to review data before submitting.

Confirm Email Address & Password

Double check the email address or password for typos. Formidable Forms Pro WordPress Form Builder

Fill Out Forms Automatically

Save time and increase form conversions by automatically filling out online forms.

Digital Signatures

Add an electronic signature box to your WordPress form for written signatures.

SMS Voting

Use Twilio to collect votes and other submissions by text.

Boostrap Modal

Open forms, views, other shortcodes, or sections of content in a Bootstrap popup. Formidable Forms Pro WordPress Form Builder

Mobile-Friendly, Responsive Forms

Forms are sized automatically for each device so everyone can submit them. Formidable Forms Pro WordPress Form Builder.

WCAG Accessiblity + A11Y Compliance

Ensure your WordPress forms are accessible to everyone.

Formidable Forms Pro WordPress Form Builder

User Tracking

Track which pages a user visits prior to submitting a form. Formidable Forms Pro WordPress Form Builder

Get More Done in Less Time With Better WordPress Forms
Do more than just create WordPress forms and collect data. Use it! Quickly turn your forms into powerful, data-driven applications.

We totally get it—there are a million things you would rather be doing instead of spending time looking for the perfect WordPress form builder plugin. Good news! Formidable Forms is the best WordPress forms plugin to help you get more done in less time. Before you know it, you’ll be taking on bigger projects and completing them faster than ever.

Build simple contact forms or complex multi-page forms with file uploads, conditional logic and calculations. Then display collected data with views and graphs. Get far more than just WordPress forms.

The Easiest Form Builder
Drag & Drop Form Builder
Building complex forms shouldn’t be complicated. Drag, drop, and you’re done.

Visual Styler
Getting your contact forms to look amazing in your theme is no longer difficult.

Tons of Form Templates
Not just contact forms, but calculators, payment forms, and WooCommerce forms.

1-Click Add-on Installation
With 30+ available add-ons, install any included with your license in a single click.

The Most Powerful Forms Plugin
Integrated Views
Transform entries into listings, directories, calendars and powerful front-end content.

Repeater Fields
Simply collect multiple sets of data like team registrations, work history, and events.

Dynamic Fields
Automatically populate fields with saved entries, user meta and much more.

Easy to Customize
Adding customizations couldn’t be easier with 125+ hooks and customizable HTML

Unleash the Possibilities in 3 easy steps
Take on bigger projects Build applications faster Keep happier clients Earn better hourly rate efficiency
We hear it all the time from our customers: “Formidable Forms is the one WordPress plugin that has completely changed the way we do web development.” Revolutionize your workflow with this process for building show-stopping forms, directories, listings, calendars and data tables in WordPress:


When other WordPress form builders fall short, Formidable Forms has you covered.

  • Conditional logic
  • Advanced calculations
  • File uploads
  • Repeater fields
  • Dynamic prefilled fields
  • Multi-page forms
  • Save and continue


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