gAppointments Appointment booking addon Gravity

gAppointments Appointment booking addon Gravity
gAppointments Appointment booking addon Gravity

gAppointments Appointment booking addon Gravity


  1. Payed/Non-Payed Booking
  2. Supports any payment gateway
  3. Works with Gravity Perks Preview Submission. See demo
  4. Works with Gravity Perks Multi-Page Navigation. See demo
  5. Multiple slots selection & maximum bookings per date
  6. Services per form.gAppointments Appointment booking addon Gravity
  7. Service interval time slots or custom time slots.gAppointments Appointment booking addon Gravity
  8. Options for service interval slots(duration, cleanup, capacity, reduce gaps, lead time, show end times, time format, remove am/pm text, max bookings per date, multiple slots selection).gAppointments Appointment booking addon Gravity
  9. Options for service custom slots(price per slot, capacity per slot, lead time, show end times, time format, remove am/pm text, max bookings per date, multiple slots selection). See demo
  10. Service option: Schedule appointments in the future, from today on an interval of days.
  11. Service option: Schedule appointments within a defined range of dates.gAppointments Appointment booking addon Gravity
  12. Service option: Schedule appointments only on custom dates.
  13. Translation support, translation per individual form. See demo
  14. Flexible translation. See demo
  15. Activity page
  16. Personalized provider work hours, breaks and holidays
  17. Providers can edit they’re schedule from the front-end.gAppointments Appointment booking addon Gravity
  18. Minimum appointment window required for new appointments.(Lead time required for new appointments)
  19. Client/Provider appointments management on the frontend.gAppointments Appointment booking addon Gravity
  20. Clients or providers can add the appointment to they’re favorite calendar on the front-end. See demo
  21. Add calendar links(gcal, yahoo) in email
  22. Assign a registered user as service provider
  23. TimeSlot capacity
  24. Custom HTML Emails
  25. Email notifications
  26. Sms notifications using Twilio and WP Twilio Core free plugin
  27. Set calendar first day of the week to Sunday or Monday
  28. Auto confirm appointments
  29. Auto complete appointments
  30. Cancel unpaid appointments after a time interval
  31. Usage of gravity forms name/email/phone fields for appointments
  32. Endless Colors Possibilities
  33. Mobile Responsive

gAppointments Appointment booking addon Gravity

Support and Documentation

Contact us here with any questions you may have, full documentation is included with the plugin.gAppointments Appointment booking addon Gravity


22.10.2020 – ver
– Fixed bug: Appointments availability issue: capacity not reduced after new appointment booking
– Fixed bug: Issues with payment request authorization and capture
– Fixed bug: Payment issues due to Gravity Forms conditional logic
– Fixed bug: Script function incompatibilities

06.10.2020 – ver 1.9.5
– Fixed bug: Performance issues and slowdowns caused by translation functions
– Fixed bug: Various duplicate query calls in booking form field pages
– Enhancement: Improved how appointment entry data is processed and saved (Compatibility improvements with 3rd party integration services, i.e. Zapier, ActiveCampaign. And other Gravity Forms add-ons, i.e. Stripe, Paypal)
– Enhancement: “Communication” with Google Calendar API
– Enhancement: Added support for Google Calendar recurring events
– Fixed bug: Extreme performance issues related to Google Calendar two-way sync
– Fixed bug: Google Calendar One-way sync functionality not working as defined
– Fixed bug: Canceled/Re-confirmed appointments do not re-appear/disappear in the booking calendar
– Fixed bug: Google Calendar pending and confirmed event colors do not change dynamically
– Feature: Max bound option in Google Calendar settings (allows to define how far into future events should be fetched from Google Calendar)
– Feature: Added Synchronization mode option to provider page
– Feature: Added option to provider and Calendar settings pages (allows to set a global or server-based availability)
– Feature: Added a review page option in Gravity Forms settings (allows to show a review page before a form submission)
– Fixed bug: Search functionality in Appointments page not working
– Enhancement: Two field column sorting in appointments list page
– Fixed bug: Possible issues with WordPress redirects
– Fixed bug: New appointment submission issues when service capacity is set to 1
– Enhancement: Improved compatibility with Gravity Forms entry export feature
– Enhancement: Validations in edit provider page
– Feature: Appointment booking date can now be edited in Gravity Forms entries
– Fixed bug: Appointment cancellation issues due to time zone value
– Fixed bug: Appointments list page display incompatibilities on mobile devices
– Fixed bug: Spelling mistake in notification email calendar links

gAppointments Appointment booking addon Gravity

11.06.2020 – ver 1.9.4
– Enhancement: New provider can prevent duplicate title
– Enhancement: Appointments page now have available options in “Bulk actions” – “Cancel”, “Confirm” appointments


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