The Signature Add-On for Gravity Forms allows you to capture signatures online by allowing users to sign your forms using touchscreen devices, touch pads or mouse. Quickly and easily integrate signature capabilities into your forms without the end user having to install any special browser plugins.

What would you do if you found out the contracts you use to run and operate your business were not legally binding?

What if you and your client were in a courtroom only to find out that the digital signature used on your contract was not signed with a compliant esignature application? 

The legal industry is a highly regulated industry that has strict laws and regulations around the electronic signature and digital signature submission process.


WordPress Form Plugins like Gravity Forms are absolutely fantastic! You can create some amazing and incredible WordPress workflows using their powerful WordPress Forms plugin; However, signing a legally binding contract is NOT Gravity Forms main focus (it is WP E-Signature’s SOLE focus). We have spent years developing a platform that adheres to the strict UETA and ESIGN national and international document signing guidelines.

Most WordPress contract plugins and signature addons out there are not legally binding let alone UETA/ESIGN compliant (they do not adhere to the strict laws and regulations in the document singing industry). These typical signature add-ons, only “capture signature information as it is drawn and sends data to your web server where this information is converted into a PNG image and stored on your server.”

This method, exposes you and your signers legal signature on the ftp server where your WordPress website lives. In other words the png files most signature add-ons generate, of your client’s hand drawn legal signature (the same signature which is used to buy a house, apply for a credit card, take out a business loan) is available to ANY ftp intruder; putting both you and your signer at high risk for identity theft.

This Signature Plugin fills in the gap by making the esignature process compliant with UETA/ESIGN regulations.

The new signature add-on by Approve Me is the bridge between a form generation plugin and having a UETA / ESIGN compliant document signing application that lives on your WordPress website.

Watch the video above to see how you can save time and money by completely automating contracts for your web design, photography, consulting or freelance business using our Gravity Forms Digital Signature Add-On.

WP E-Signature by ApproveMe focuses 100% on legally binding contract signing (UETA & ESIGN compliant). No monthly fees. So you can use your website to sign contracts. It is by far the most customizable document singing application built for WordPress.

ApproveMe’s WordPress Contract Plugin WP E-Signature adhere’s to the strictest electronic signature and digital signature regulations by encrypting, storing, and protecting your data in such in a way that is damn near difficult to retrieve from a database let alone manipulate a contract.

If the validity of a signature were to ever get questioned in a court room you would have peace of mind knowing that both you and your signer are protected by the ApproveMe verified seal.

If you’re wanting even more out of WP E-Signature, we have it! There are TONS of advanced features available for our business license holders. Our WordPress Contract Plugin is by far the easiest way to integrate a court recognized Gravity Forms Approval process into your WordPress website.

The Gravity Forms Signature Add-On by Approve Me allows you to capture court recognized signatures immediately after a user submits a Gravity Form by either emailing or redirecting the users that recently filled out your gravityform to a unique contract or agreement made specific for that user, requiring them to draw (or type) their electronic signature using a touchscreen device, touch pads or even a mouse.

With WP-E Signature (ultimate, business or pro license) and this Digital Signature for GravityForms plugin you can automatically generate a contract for your customers to sign based on their form results from a Gravity Form.

That’s just the start. Once customers sign…

…you and the customer will automatically receive a PDF of their signed contract.

…no need to register on an outside website (all signatures happen without leaving your site)

… you’ll have a 100% legally compliant signature on file to protect you AND the customer (according to UETA/ESIGN guidelines).


  • Perfect for those wanting to automate the collection of signatures on proposals, estimates, timesheets, terms of service agreements, new client contracts, waiver forms and more!

Automatically require your WordPress visitors to sign a legally binding agreement after submitting a gravity form.

Quickly and easily add court recognized contract signing capabilities into your WordPress website using this Gravity Forms addon and ApproveMe’s WP E-Signature (business license). Gone are the days of sending your signers to an unrelated third party website just so they can sign your web design, photography, consulting or freelance contract. The form submitter will never have to leave your website or heaven forbid install any special browser plugins, add-ons or extensions to sign your contract.

With ApproveMe’s WP E-Signature and their new Gravity Forms Signature Add-On you can create a legally binding contract that is tailored 100% to the user that just submitted your Form.

Do the smart thing. Don’t get caught in a courtroom with a document that’s not legally binding.

Transform one single page of your existing WordPress website into a secure document and electronic signature application. WP Digital E-Signature by ApproveMe, is a legally binding WordPress Contract Plugin, that’s easy to use.

WP E-Signature has a very extensive eSignature premium add-on library with dozens of expandable and customizable eSignature automations and third-party integrations to further enhance your custom document signing needs.

The Signature Add-On works on all major desktop and mobile browsers. This includes IE, FireFox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, iOS, Android, and WebOS.

In additional to being incredibly easy to use, ApproveMe’s Gravity Forms WordPress Signature Plugin can automatically insert data that was submitted from a Gravity Form into a UETA/ESIGN compliant and court recognized contract using your very own WordPress website.

So if you have a dropdown menu in your Gravity Form called “Web Design Package” and you offer a few different packages (each with a different price point) you can easily create a contract that includes the package details of an order in the contract that gets sent to your Gravity Form end-user.

WP E-Signature is significantly different than the current signature add-on offered by Gravity Forms as it gives Gravity users the power (and leverage) to host their own document signing application that hooks into Gravity Form results and triggers on-demand legal contracts (that are compliant with all the document signing esignature laws and regulations).

Automatically Trigger Contracts To Be SentOnce a user submits a gravity form you can automatically trigger a Contract to either be sent via email or to be the very next page the Gravity Form Submitter sees when they submit their form.

Connect Gravity Forms With Wp E-SignatureThis Gravity Forms Digital Signature Add-on will combine the powerful features of gravity forms with the relentless fury of features from WP E-Signature.

Add Gravity Form Field Values Into A Wp E-Signature ContractWith WP E-Signature’s Gravity Forms Electronic Signature Add-On you can easily insert submitted form results into a contract that gets triggered automatically once a user completes a Gravity Form submission.

Redirect User To Wp E-Signature Contract After Gravity Form SubmissionOnce a user successfully completes a Gravity Form Submission they are automatically redirected the contract of your choice using this premium E-Signature add-on.

Email A User A Contract Once They Fill Out A Gravity FormAfter successful form submission you can choose to email the form submitter (or another user if the other users email and name was in the gravity form that was just completed).

Signing Reminder EmailsIf a user has not yet signed the agreement that you were requiring them to sign after submitting your gravity form, you can automatically activate signing reminder emails where you can choose the trigger date, the frequency of reminder emails, and the expiration date of the signing reminder emails.

Try Gravity Forms Signature Demo Here


WP Digital E-Signature is built using WordPress best practices both on the front and the back end. This results in an efficient, robust and easy-to-use plugin.


WP Digital E-Signature is recognized in court. We are (UETA) and (ESIGN) compliant and adhere to some of the strictest document signing polices in the US and European unions.


Security is our priority. All of your signed documents and signatures are kept hidden and encrypted on your server using a secure encryption sequence and signer specific URL. Additionally you have the option of forcing SSL security (when an SSL certificate is installed on your server) for all WP Digital E-Signature related pages.


Documents move turbo speed from signer to signer. We include a detailed audit report with viewer details, ip addresses, analytics and signer history. See how the audit trail can protect you and your signers


If you do business online, customers probably have to sign an agreement or an online contract. Problem is a paper agreement doesn’t hold up if your business is an online business and your customers are online customers. You can try mailing or even scanning a contract to your digital customers which costs you time and money, in the meantime you have the risk of losing your customer because of the added delay.

What you need is WP E-Signature. WP E-Signature lets you customize the signing process for what you need with no monthly fees. With a comprehensive marketplace of add-on extensions including Save as PDF, Dropbox Sync, Signer Input Fields, and dozens more which make it easy to automate and customize your document signing process.

WP Digital E-Signature works with any WordPress website, including the default WordPress themes. If you need help installing WordPress E-Signature check out our getting started docs and start signing documents using your WordPress website. Looking to get WordPress Proposals signed? We got you covered!

If you’re looking for a tailored WordPress eSigning integration or add-on designed specifically to be used for your document signing needs be sure to browse the official WP E-Signature Basic and Advanced Add-On Extensions which come with a business license. If you don’t see the integrations you need… let us know.

You could also use a third party document signing service but they charge monthly fees and what’s worst, your customers are forced to create an account on an unrelated website just to sign your companies documents.


Whether you’re operating a wedding photography business a membership based website, or a just a small web design agency in need of clients signing your website terms of service WP Digital E-Signature has you covered. You can read all about ‘WP Digital E-Signature’ features on the ApproveMe website.