Jet tabs for elementor free download

Jet tabs for elementor
Jet tabs for elementor

Jet tabs for elementor

Jet tabs for elementor is a plugin that allows adding stylish tabs and accordion widgets with vertical and horizontal layouts and building content inside them using Elementor live page builder widgets. … JetTabs is added to cover the lack of features in Elementor Standard so you won’t need to buy Elementor Pro by using it.

You`ll love JetTabs plugin for Elementor

Vertical and horizontal tabs layouts

You can choose the best way to showcase content within Elementor-built pages.

Ability to add any template into tabs

Use Elementor templates to embed them into tabs and accordion blocks whenever they are needed.

Great work with dynamic content

Just sync JetTabs with JetEngine to add dynamic content to tab labels, changing them from page to page when using templates.

Click here to download Jet tabs for elementor


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