Professional Reports for your Clients

The MainWP Client Reports extension combines the power of the free MainWP Child Reports plugin with a fully customizable reporting engine to allow you to create the type of report you are proud to send to your clients.

The MainWP Child Reports plugin will track and monitor every change made on your child site, and then the Client Reports Extension will gather that information and convert it to a format that you can show your clients.


We also took into account that you may not want your clients to see the plugin records everything, so the Extension gives you the option to hide the MainWP Child plugin screens while still allowing it to gather the data.

MainWP Clint Reports Available Tokens

The MainWP Client Reports extension allows you to display records from the Stream Plugin, plus Backups statistics recorded by the MainWP Dashboard itself.

The Extension will enable you to track changes for:MAINWP CLIENT REPORTS EXTENSION

  • Plugins (Activated, Deactivated, Installed, Deleted, Edited, Updated, etc .)
  • Themes (Activated, Deactivated, Installed, Deleted, Edited, Updated, etc. )
  • Posts (Created, Deleted, Edited, Restored, etc. )
  • Pages (Created, Deleted, Edited, Restored, etc. )
  • Comments (Created, Deleted, Edited, Restored, Approved, Spammed, Replied, etc. )
  • Users (Created, Deleted, Edited, etc .)
  • Media (Uploaded, Deleted, Edited, etc .)
  • Menus (Created, Deleted, Updated, etc .)
  • Widgets (Added, Deleted, Updated, etc .)
  • and WordPress core (Updates)
  • Backups (Time/Dated and Backup Type)

Check the full list of available Client Reports tokens.


Client Reports and Other MainWP Extensions

MainWP Client Reports extension interacts with flowing MainWP extensions:

Design Your Reports

The Client Reports Extension uses an intuitive token system that allows you to design and create professional reports with the information you want to show to your clients. MAINWP CLIENT REPORTS EXTENSION

You can show as little or as much information in the report as you want. Below you will find PDF example of the Reports created with the Extension; MAINWP CLIENT REPORTS EXTENSION

Download PDF Demo Report

Remember, you can make your reports as detailed or as essential as you want. You can add your text and images to each report to customize the report for each client.

You can even change the report layout for each client and then save that layout for future use. The Report Extension also provides you the ability to add custom content, including contact info, images, additional text, or any other content you want to include in your report. MAINWP CLIENT REPORTS EXTENSION

Once your report ready, you can email it directly to your client from your Dashboard or download the report as a PDF.

Generate Reports in Seconds

Reuse your report templates (whole reports, or just parts) and generate reports in seconds.

Highly Customizable

Use the provided tokens to customize reports for your clients, so they get only the information they need.

Be a Professional

Notify your clients about actions on their sites regularly. This Extension will enable you to do this and save a lot of your time.

Fully Automate

The MainWP Child Reports plugin will record all actions for you. You don’t need to make notes or track any changes on the site by yourself. Later, use the Client Reports extension to generate a report. MAINWP CLIENT REPORTS EXTENSION

Purchase Options

Included with Pro

Extension Info

  • DeveloperMainWP
  • Version (Changelog)4.0.3
  • Additional InformationThis extension requires that the MainWP Child Reports plugin be installed on your Child sites. MainWP Child Reports plugin also requires PHP 5.6 or higher to be activated. MainWP Child Reports plugin can be installed on sites directly from plugin repository. MAINWP CLIENT REPORTS EXTENSION


You can use this Extension on unlimited MainWP Dashboards that you own.Documentation


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