Which Maintenance Options Are Supported?

  • Delete all post revisions
  • Delete all auto draft posts
  • Delete trash posts
  • Delete spam comments
  • Delete pending comments
  • Delete trash comments
  • Delete tags with 0 posts associated
  • Delete categories with 0 posts associated
  • Optimize database tables


Clear all unwanted content and Optimize your Database Tables

MainWP Maintenance is a MainWP extension that allows you to clean the databases of your child sites. With just a few clicks, you can quickly delete all post revisions, auto drafts, trash posts, spam comments, and remove all unwanted content from multiple databases at once.MAINWP MAINTENANCE EXTENSION


That is not all; our intuitive scheduling system will enable you to schedule multiple tasks and have your sites cleaned regularly. The MainWP plugin will automatically perform maintenance as per your instructions. MAINWP MAINTENANCE EXTENSION

Another great feature that this Extension provides is Database optimization, with just a click of a button you can quickly optimize all your child site databases to reduce storage space and increase I/O efficiency. MAINWP MAINTENANCE EXTENSION

Why Should You Use MainWP Maintenance Extension?

WordPress adds to or modifies the database of your site with pretty much everything you do. A lot of these changes do not need to be kept and bloat your database and slow down your website. MAINWP MAINTENANCE EXTENSION

Google, other Search Engines, and your users are obsessed with site speed, and it is an essential factor of their search ranking algorithms. The MainWP Maintenance Extension allows you to automate this cleanup quickly and easily on all your child sites.

404 Email Alerts

No need to hunt down 404 pages manually or installing and maintaining another plugin. MainWP Maintenance Extension enables you to monitor your child sites for 404 errors. It will email you as soon as somebody hits an un-existing page on your child site.

Speed up your site

Decrease your websites load time with optimizing a database and removing all irrelevant content regularly.

Save storage space

MySQL is an excellent database, but it won’t clean itself. This Extension will enable you to avoid wasted space in your database.

Better search rank

Every search engine loves fast websites. Using this Extension may help speed your site, possibly contributing to increase your ranking.

Better efficiency

If your site is slow, you are subjected to lose visitors. Visitors are traffic, traffic affects the reputation, and they can potentially generate revenue.