Thrive Themes Ultimatum

Thrive Themes Ultimatum
Thrive Themes Ultimatum


Discover how adding the “fear of missing out” to your marketing will boost your conversion rates like nothing else:0:050:00

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Nothing Else Can Create Results Like These…

This is just one example of the result of a scarcity campaign. You can see that the campaign affects conversion rates most directly, leading to a huge increase in sales, while traffic levels stayed about the same. THRIVE THEMES ULTIMATUM

Here’s an example from another scarcity campaign we tested:

These graphs show the revenue generated per visitor to a site, during the scarcity campaign. With this data, nothing is skewed by traffic and the data can’t be “cheated” by showing a revenue increase that’s really just the result of a traffic windfall.

With scarcity, we have seen this over and over again and as you can see above, it even works for websites that already have very high revenue per visitor of over $1 or over $2.50 as a baseline.

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