WooCommerce Freshdesk Plugin 1.1.25 Free Download

WooCommerce Freshdesk Plugin
WooCommerce Freshdesk Plugin

WooCommerce Freshdesk Plugin

About WooCommerce Freshdesk Plugin Quickly create a new ticket related to an order

  • View a list of active tickets, directly on your “My Account” screen
  • Create forum and solution centre categories for each of your WooCommerce products

Key Features: Store Owner

  • Create a new ticket when viewing an order in the WordPress admin
  • Create a new ticket from a blog post comment, directly from the WordPress admin
  • Connect, and synchronise, a product with a forum category and solution category within your Freshdesk helpdesk

A full Freshdesk solution

Freshdesk contains many moving parts including a ticketing system, discussion forum and solutions centre (knowledgebase). WooCommerce Freshdesk integrates seamlessly with each section of Freshdesk, ensuring the seamless creation of forum and solution centre categories, as well as helping your customers to create tickets without having to leave your store

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