WooCommerce Store Credit plugin 3.2.1 free download

WooCommerce Store Credit plugin
WooCommerce Store Credit plugin

Boost your sales with WooCommerce Store Credit plugin

WooCommerce Store Credit plugin Creating a loyal customer base that are true fans of what you do and will support you along the way is what keeps many store owners awake at night. Being the top of mind choice for a significant group of customers is the final goal of marketers and business owners, no matter if we talk about Amazon or the flower shop in your street.

Personal coupons and gift cards are a good way to hack through the mental resistance of your clients and get them to buy your products. No matter if you focus on offering free shipping or a big discount, Store Credit coupons are truly effective to get your sales going and WooCommerce Store Credit is the simplest, most effective way to do it.

Why use WooCommerce Store Credit plugin?

  • Store Credit coupons allow your customers to make multiple purchases until the credit is exhausted or the coupon expires.
  • It can be used as a personal refund or compensation card in case there’s a problem with your product or service.
  • Send a unique Store Credit coupon to your customers by email.
  • Sell Store Credit coupons to your customers for their own usage or as gift cards.
  • Allow multiple purchases per coupon or limit its usage.
  • The coupon can be restricted to specific products or product categories.
  • Optionally, the Store Credit coupons can also apply a discount to the shipping costs.
  • Apply the coupon either before or after taxes so you adapt to the regulation of your country or state.
  • Allow your customers to apply the store credit coupons in combination with other coupons or individually.
  • The coupon discount is reflected in all order elements (items, taxes, shipping costs, etc), not just the order total.
  • Easy integration with external tools such as ERPs.
  • Customize emails, coupon code format, etc.

WooCommerce Store Credit plugin Tailored gift cards and Store Credit coupons win you clients, one by one

Personalize the relationship with your customers with a unique coupon that can be used at your shop. The simplest and most cost-efficient way to create and manage Store Credit coupons so you can increase your sales and build customer loyalty.

WooCommerce Store Credit plugin Purchase

After adding a Store Credit product to the cart. It’s time to complete the purchase. The checkout process it’s the same as purchasing any other product. but with one exception, no Store Credit coupons can be used when there is a Store Credit product in the cart.

Another important aspect is that the coupon is generated once the Order is completed. Store Credit products don’t need to be processed. So, if the cart doesn’t contain other kinds of products, the Order will be marked as completed after receiving the payment.

Finally, if the item quantity is higher than one, the same number of coupons will be generated. The coupon credit won’t be combined.

Note: You can purchase multiple Store Credit products at once. Each product can have a different receiver and note.

Note: Remember that WooCommerce validates the coupon email restrictions once you click on the button “Place order“, not when you apply the coupon.

Applying a coupon

As we mentioned before, each Store Credit coupon stores its own configuration, which means the way a coupon is applied may vary depending on its configuration (The credit includes tax, it can be applied to the shipping costs, etc).

You can combine multiple Store Credit coupons in the same cart/order if their usage restrictions are satisfied. Moreover, you can apply a Store Credit coupon in combination with native WooCommerce coupons.


You can apply a Store Credit coupon in the cart like any other coupon.

Store Credit coupon applied to the cart

The order in which the coupons are applied in the cart depends on their discount type. For example, a “Percentage discount” coupon is applied before a “Fixed cart discount” coupon.

It doesn’t matter the order you enter the coupons in the cart, WooCommerce will sort them and reapply them in the correct order.

In our case, the Store Credit coupons are applied last. Besides, if multiple Store Credit coupons are applied, the coupons which have the option “Apply to shipping” enabled are applied after coupons that don’t have this option enabled. This way, we can maximize the credit used.


If we are editing an order, we can also apply coupons to it. Just click on the button “Apply coupon” and enter the coupon code. On the same page, you can remove a coupon clicking on the “cross” located on the right side of the coupon code.

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