Wp Otp wordpress plugin free download

Wp Otp wordpress plugin
Wp Otp wordpress plugin

Wp Otp wordpress plugin

With WP-OTP you can easily set up 2 Factor Authentication with One Time Passwords for your WordPress login.
This extra layer makes your WordPress site a lot more secure.

The new stealth mode allows for invisible OTP code entry, making your login screen look like any other, no extra OTP code input field.

Wp Otp wordpress plugin Getting Started

After installing and activating the plugin, every user can enable WP-OTP on their profile page.

It’s as easy as scanning the provided QR Code or entering the OTP secret to any OTP generator app.
Then just activate it by entering the generated OTP and voilà, all set up.
Now, the login requires an OTP code to succeed.

Each user gets their own secret key to authenticate with, giving them control over their login security.

Click here to download Wp Otp wordpress plugin


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