Astra Portfolio Best WordPress Portfolio Plugins

Astra Portfolio Best WordPress Portfolio Plugins
Astra Portfolio Best WordPress Portfolio Plugins

Astra Portfolio Best WordPress Portfolio Plugins

Are you a photographer, designer, or just a simple creative who’s looking for the best way to get your name and work out there?

If you are, the next best move for you is to build your portfolio. No, not just a simple portfolio, a portfolio website. Yes, online, where everyone and everything is nowadays.

Creating an online portfolio site is the best way to attract new clients, customers, and even collaborators. You will finally be visible to the people who need you, or your company’s services. Way better than passing out or emailing a traditional CV. Astra Portfolio Best WordPress Portfolio Plugins

While there are a lot of different ways to make one, mainly by using a portfolio theme, a better option that we’d recommend is by a plugin, why? Stick around to find out.

In this article, we’ll show you the ropes on WordPress portfolio plugins, scour the best ones so you don’t have to, and answer a couple (maybe all) of your questions too.

Let’s jump in.

Portfolio Plugins Vs. Themes – What’s The Deal?

In building your online portfolio, your first instinct might be to Google “WordPress portfolio themes”. And sure, there’s a lot out there, but most of them lack the features that a plugin has to offer.

With portfolio themes, you can only control the appearance of the website such as the colors, the layout, and the presentation of the website.

On top of that, if you use the theme for creating a portfolio then all your portfolio settings will be connected to the theme. If you change the theme you will lose your portfolio data.

A plugin, on the other hand, can give you additional functionalities such as adding contact forms, sliders, videos, and other cool effects bringing you more control over your portfolios.

Also, portfolio plugins are easily compatible with all WordPress themes. So, you can use it with our Astra theme or any other theme out there. Astra Portfolio Best WordPress Portfolio Plugins

Portfolio Plugins – Real-Life Applications

In general, working professionals, companies, and students use portfolios to display their best work, accomplishments, skills, and potentials. With an appealing portfolio, people can easily increase sales, contracts, jobs, and new clients.

To be more specific, in case we’re not yet, here’s a list of cases where it pays to have an online portfolio Astra Portfolio Best WordPress Portfolio Plugins


Most businesses want to reach more people as much as they can. The best way to achieve that goal is to put your name online, after all, the internet is everything now.

You can show off your business’ experience, accomplishments, awards, certifications, and even client testimonials. That way, any future client can have an overview of how your business operates. Astra Portfolio Best WordPress Portfolio Plugins


Educational portfolios help students highlight their academic achievements, awards, and recognitions. You can easily increase your opportunities for getting jobs or being accepted into a higher degree program.

Engineering and Architectural

Engineering and Architectural portfolios usually highlight the strategic accomplishments, prototype designs, and complete works of a company or individual engineer or architect.

These include blueprints and phases of design that highlight how the project was constructed from beginning to end and can easily help them sign new contracts or projects.


Creative portfolios can be for photographers, artists, writers, musicians, actors, models, or just your average Instagram sharing, Tiktok posting, iPad making creative unicorn.

It’s a place where you can easily show off your comps, achievements, awards and more. This is especially useful for getting clients when they ask for a portfolio of your previous work.

So now that we’ve covered that having an online portfolio is the best move for you and your business, here are a few portfolio plugins that you can use